StumbleCol-Estralita pickup fitting and demo

by Colin Merry on September 19, 2020

Hey people,

Today a post about fitting a National Slimline pickup to my new guitar, an Estralita Deluxe from National Resophonic and a demo of the guitar featuring my new song, “Love You To Death”

I ordered a National Slimline pickup from NRP, in the US, it took weeks to arrive, mainly held up by customs, her above is the unboxing.

First I used masking tape, to mask off the area, then placed the pickup on to the tape and marked it out, and drilled a hole for the cable, just under the edge of the pickup.

I then removed the tape, fed the cable through the hole, and a fixed the pickup in place.

I then measured out and marked where to drill a hole for the jack input.

Drilled it out, offered up the cable and cut it to size.

I soldered on the jack socket above.

Then fitted the jack input.

Here it is fitted and guitar rebuilt, with the cone back in and restrung.

Finally a demo of the pickup, featuring my new song “Love You To Death”, a song about a killer on death row.

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StumbleCol Downbound Train by Springsteen

by Colin Merry on August 10, 2020

Hi guys,

Today a new video for you, I have not played open chords, in standard tuning for more than two years, been playing in open tunings with single note finger playing and slide, but the muscle memory is slowly returning.

I bought this new guitar a couple of weeks back, to tune to standard tuning, it is an Estralita Deluxe 14 by National Resophonic guitars built in California. Half my repertoire is in starndard tuning, with daily practice my playing is coming back. Here is my version of Springsteens “Downbound Train”

I added my own harp part, the original song had a cheesy 80`s keyboard, I think the harp is better suited to my Bluesy acoustic version.

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StumbleCol-Lost and all alone, in a lonely world

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June 9, 2020

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StumbleCol-Stink Eye T14

September 23, 2019

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StumbleCol-Stumble On-T14

September 9, 2019

Hey people, Today a new video clip, for my song “Stumble On”, feathering my new NRP T14. Some of these songs were written on a 6-string, but then re-imagined for 3 or 4 string Cigar Box Guitar and are now being returned to 6-string, for my new National guitar sets, on my small, but beautiful […]

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