Hi people,
Today a look at a new build, not a Cigar Box Guitar, but a rack harp, mic mount.


I wanted to buy something like this, but the only thing that I could find on-line was steel and involved sticking a magnet on to each of your harps, not for me buddy!


I used an old 3mm thick off cut of perspex, light weight and small, with a cut away in the top piece, so that it does not rub on your lip.

I cut the hole just the right size, to fit over the top of the Mic, with the cover off, when the cover is screwed back on, it holds the rack perfectly in place.


I used bolts with springs, washers and nylock nuts, total cost about a £1.


Above in the side view you can see the bends needed to get the angles required. I used a vice to get the clean lines, but dare not bend it straight off, in case it snapped. I therefor decided, to plunged it into boiling water for 2-3 minutes, to soften the perspex, then made the bends quickly, while still hot, repeating as many time, as required.

Below is a demo video, the first using my new Rack Harp-Mic Mount, the song is Stumble On, I wrote it back in 2012 and it was then played and recorded for my album The Might StumbleCol, on a 6 string in open D tuning, now I have resurrected it and am playing it on a 3 string, with the bottom 3 strings, tuned D-A-D.

Those of you who regularly follow my posts, will know that I always sign off with “Stumble On”, it is because of this song, I also have it tattooed on the back of my neck.

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Stumble On,


The Hollowbelly Redo 3-String-Cigar Box Guitar

by Col on September 15, 2016

Hi guys,
Got a build to show you today, this is not a new build, but one that I built some time ago and have now modified.


I built this through neck Cigar Box Guitar, for Hollowbelly a couple of years ago, but he has never used it live, because he does not like Piezo pick-ups, So I took it back and fitted a magnetic pick-up instead.


A closer look at the box, this Cigar Box Guitar has hardware in chrome and so I added a nice chrome magnetic pick-up and surround.


Here is a look at my legendary boot print and the slotted neck.


In this photo you can see skull & cross bones speed knob, for the volume control and a better look an the nice shiny pick-up + a side view of the handmade tail piece.


The neck is made from hardwood, but I am not sure what type, I got from a skip, it has 23 frets, and I have now added mother of pearl top fret marks inlays.


The head stock has enclosed tuners and string trees in chrome and a bone nut.


The reverse of the head stock show the enclosed tuners and my logo sticker.


This is one of my CSI, high velocity, blood splatter, special editions, with these builds, not only do you get the blood splatters and bloody boot print on the front, but you also get blood splatters, my bloody hand print and the owners name on the back of the box.


Here is the tail end, with my handmade tail piece, bone bridge, strap button and jack in-put.


The last picture is long look up from the tail end.

Finally, here is a demo video for this build, featuring the song “Judy is a Punk” by The Ramones.

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Demo-The 25 Romeo No.2 Cigar Box Guitar

September 3, 2016

Hi guys, Today a look at my latest build. This Cigar Box Guitar has a 25 Romeo No.2 box, a Red Grandis neck, 23 frets, Mother of Pearl top fret marks, a bone nut, bone and hardwood bridge, brass hard ware, that`s box corners, grommets, string trees and enclosed tuners and a handmade tail piece. […]

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StumbleCol Live On Cambridge TV

August 30, 2016

Here it is people, A youtube version of my Live set recorded for the Sunday Sessions, broadcast on Cambridge TV. If you enjoyed this film, please share it for me, with all on the net! Many Thanks, StumbleOn, Col

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StumbleCol TV AD

August 26, 2016

Hi guys, I will be on TV in the UK on Sunday 28th August, Cambridge TV-Sunday Sessions, 9pm GMT, Virgin channel 159 and Freeview channel 7, here is the AD. I will share the link to the watch again, once posted. If you like what I do please share for me. Many Thanks, Stumble On, […]

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Cambridge TV film shoot my videos

August 19, 2016

Hi people, Today a few videos to share, these clips were filmed at a Cambridge TV film shoot, of live StumbleCol session, but they are not part of the TV companies filming, these clips were filmed on my camera by my good friend Peter Stern, in the background. The Cambridge TV footage is being edited […]

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The CSI Blood Splatter Special Edition 4-String Cigar Box Guitar for Dogfinger

August 11, 2016

Hello again, Here today a look at one of my CSI crime scene, blood splatter, Special Edition, through neck Cigar Box Guitars. This one was built for Dogfinger Steve, a fellow Cigar Box Guitar builder from Driffield in Yorkshire and I fine builder indeed. Dogfinger recently played at the 5th Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival […]

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StumbleCol-Demo-The Black Betty 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

August 10, 2016

Hi guys, Here today another new build for your viewing and listening pleasure. The Black Betty has a hand painted box with a stamp from my right Airware boot on the front with 3 coats of outdoor varnish. In the UK all cigar boxes come with government health warning stickers, sometimes, no matter how careful […]

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The 5th Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival streamed live on Youtube

August 5, 2016

Hey People, It is the high light of my Cigar Box Year tomorrow, with the 5th Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival, Saturday 6th August 2016, Earl Of Beaconsfield Pub, Mill Rd, Cambridge, UK, 3pm-11pm GMT. I am very happy to announce, that the whole event, all acts, all day was streamed live on Youtube, just follow […]

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StumbleCol-Live On Rebel Arts Radio

July 31, 2016

Hi guys, Less than a week to go now until the 5th Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival and preparations are well under way, for next Saturday 6th August, 2016. Today I will be appearing live on Rebel Arts Radio, on Cambridge 105fm, 9pm-10pm GMT, to promote the festival and will be playing some new tunes.. […]

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