Arturo Fuente 4-String Cigar Box Guitar

by Col on July 24, 2016

Hi guys,
Here is a look at my latest build the Arturo Fuente 4-String, Through Neck Cigar Box Guitar.


This Cigar Box Guitar has an Arturo Fuente box, 4-Strings, a Red Grandis neck, mother of pearl top fret mark inlays, 23 frets, bone nut and bridge, enclosed tuners, box corners, grommets, string trees and a handmade tail piece, all in brass. It has a double piezo pick-up with volume control.


I got this box from CB Gitty in the US, nice big box, a bit shallow, but still, it has made a very loud acoustic instrument when not plugged in.


The photo above shows the slotted neck and my boot print.


Nice clean box this, not a mark on it, here you can see a side view of the Tail piece and bone bridge, + the top hat knob.


The head stock has a bone nut, enclosed tuners and string trees in brass.


With the view of the back of the head stock, you can see the enclosed tuners and my logo sticker.


This Cigar Box Guitar has mother of pearl, top fret mark inlays for the frets 3-5-7-9-12 & 3 above the octave.


This view of the tail end shows the jack in-put, handmade tail piece and the strap button, I always glue a piece of hardwood inside the box, behind the strap button, to screw into, so that the side of the box does not bare the weight of the whole guitar.


The last photo is a long, Arty look up from the tail end.

Finally here is a video demo for this build, featuring my song Twisted, which is taken from the second StumbleCol album Sour Mash

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