The Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival 3rd helping!

by Col on August 27, 2012

Hi guys,

today my third helping from The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival, with Yellowbelly Flatt, Chilli Cool Kev, Brickdust and one more from us, StumbleCol that is !


Nice playing, funny guy, Mr Yellowbelly Flatt!


Yellowbelly Flatt-Skegness Polka-The FirstCambridgeCigar Box Guitar Festival


Chilli Cool, does it again, good work man !


Chilli Cool Kev-Rollin` And A Tumblin`-The FirstCambridgeCigar Box Guitar Festival


Brickdust(Solo), not sure what this one is called, he introduced it by saying “Talkin` About Girls”


Brickdust-Talkin` About Girls-The FirstCambridgeCigar Box Guitar Festival


I will share this, but please know, I thought that I was terrible that night and played badly, Tom held the show together, I was shat!!!


All I can say in my defence is that you cannot play the Harp, if you cannot hear the Harp, I need to buy bigger Monitors!!!!


StumbleCol-Take Me Tonight-B&W-1stCambridge CBG Fest


Thanks For Looking,

Stumble On,


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Brickdust Parsons August 28, 2012 at 8:02 am

Don’t be too hard on yourself Col – you had the pub rocking!


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