The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival-Col`s Review

by Col on August 14, 2012

I got in the venue at 11am and started by setting up my stall, by noon there was four of us and acts turning up, we had the PA up and running and background music playing by 1pm.

Me and Tom started with a couple of couple of new numbers and then Pete Towers entertained us with his Kitchen Link Lap Steel Guitar, accompanied by TomStumble on his Black Lightening.

Pete Towers & TomStumble-Open Mic-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

After that a bit of Yellowbelly Flatt, singing a few covers.

And then TomStumble did a couple too!

TomStumble-Shakin` All Over-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

The day proper started with the first of ten, 30 minute sets and a bit of Slow Paw Steve T, man he has come on, great set, well tight and well together!

Slowpaw-It Is What It Is-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

Next came Yellowbelly Flatt for his actual spot, he played some nice stuff as well as amused us with his cheeky charm and funny, quirky take on life.

Yellowbelly Flatt-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

Next came aboynamedstu, Stu was not able to bring the whole band, just the drummer, so they did this Gig as aboynamedstu and not The Sneezy T`s. Anyway, my eardrums said that they were loud! “The Cigar Box Nirvana”, very good!

aboynamedstu-Break It-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

We had 10 minute change overs, between each act and no storage, so a busy day for me and Tom, one of us would help load out and one help load in!

Chilli Cool Kev came next, with some great tunes of his own and some cool covers. Good songs, well played, Kev is another one, who gets better every time you see him.
I love this guys stuff, definitely one of my favourites!

Chilli Cool Kev-Substitute- The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

After that we had Leadfoot with the amazing Kevin Dore on Bass, it is a delight to see somebody who can play there instrument that well as he, I was spellbound! Great all round acts, they`ve got some good songs and do some mean Covers, very tight indeed!
They Rocked the joint!

Leadfoot-Hard Time Livin` Modern Day Blues-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

Brickdust had a new guitar and a new set of songs, and played in bare feet, Stomp Box an all. All of the songs were special, definitely a New Wave vibe, I thought a bit like Magazine! I found it captivating, was drawn in and taken to a different place.

Brickdust(Solo)The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

bemuzic has really gotten her head around those pedals, looping away until she is a whole band, the most unique Cigar Box act I know! So confident, up there and able to motivate the crowd to join in! All that Busking must be doing her good. Great set of songs and instruments go with them, all round, good fun!

bemuzic-Sittin` on a Mountain Top-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

Next up Jeramiah Longshanks, Blues covers done very well indeed, a great player with percussive feet! Always a commanding performance, Trad style with wide appeal. Quite simply, Jez did it again!

Jeremiah Longshanks-Stop Breaking Down-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

The second headline spot was taken by Lost Tone, and what a set, totally brilliant, Tone is a top player and performer, my favourite Cigar Box Guitar act in the OK, in fact! A rare performance from the reclusive Tone with his amazing foot drum kit, some great songs and beautiful Slide playing, my highlight of the day!

Lost Tone-Outside Looking In-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

And to round off the booked acts for the day, me and Tom as StumbleCol
“Proper Rock `N` Roll, with Guts and Heart and Soul”
We were not able to rehearse, as I pulled a couple of tendons, while at the folk festival and had to rest. I felt that I played badly, but people liked it and watching the videos back now, I was being a bit hard on myself.
We did get a whole pub full of people up on their feet, Singing, Dancing and going mad, after all!

StumbleCol-RIP-The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival

We ended the night with a Jam and a Sing-a-Long, Me, Tom, bemuzic and Slow Paw, Brickdust adding backing Vox and Chilli Cool leading the Dancing Girls, I kid you not!!

And a great day was had by all!!

I would like to thank all of the players who came, gave up their time for free and put on one hell of a show!

How diverse were the acts on the day and to think, some people say Cigar Box Guitar music all sounds the same!

I would also like to thank all of the Cigar Box Enthusiasts who travelled to this event, You guys rock!

I think that the award for dedication should go to The Professor, who came all the way from Doncaster!
Thanks For Your Review Prof.

The only sad thing was, that I was too busy to socialise and speak to people, there were infamous members of Cigar Box Nation there and I did not get to speak to any of them, but I`ve seen ya faces, now I know who you are!!!

I still have a couple of The First Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Fest T-Shirts left, only XXL & XXXl, please follow the link, if interested:

People have just been saying, “See you next Year”, like it is a forgone conclusion, so I guess that is it, we will have to do it again next year!

In the meantime, some of us are going to be starting The Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Club, meeting monthly, same venue, with Guests, feature spots, Open Mics and a Cigar Box Social. The first one will be at the end of September, watch this space!
We will record feature acts and interviews, produce a Radio Show and then an album, to be ready for next years Festival.

On-Wards & Up-Wards,
Thanks For Looking,
Stumble On,

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Leadfoot August 14, 2012 at 6:08 pm

Many thanks again Col,

A cracking night brother!


Slowpaw Steve T August 14, 2012 at 7:34 pm

Thanks for everything guys – Amazing night! (-:


Brickdust Parsons August 14, 2012 at 11:51 pm

It was fan-bloody-fantastic. 🙂


There's something about Mill Road August 15, 2012 at 1:30 am

Sadly couldn’t make Saturday myself, but looks (and sounds!) like a good time was had by all. I gave you a mention on my blog, so hopefully you can forgive me 😀


Billy August 17, 2012 at 10:01 pm

i think by the sounds of the bands that you had play at your event it must have been an amazing day of cigarbox rock and blues. looks like you worked quite hard putting it together, good one guys


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