Demo-Romeo & Julieta 3-String CBG

by Col on October 26, 2015

Hey people,
today a look at my latest build, the Romeo & Julieta Banana Cuba, 3-Stringer.

R+J Chrome Hab Cube 007

This Cigar Box Guitar has 3-Strings, a Romeo & Julieta Banana Cuba box, Red Grandis hardwood neck, 23 frets, mother of pearl fret mark inlays, bone and hardwood bridge, bone nut, enclosed tuners, box corners, string trees and grommits, all in chrome, a double Piezo pick-up with volume control and a handmade tail piece.

R+J Chrome Hab Cube 012

In the next picture you can see the slotted neck, it slides on and hides the join and my boot print.

R+J Chrome Hab Cube 014

Here is the volume knob and bridge

R+J Chrome Hab Cube 016

The head stock has string trees and enclosed tuners in chrome and a bone nut.

R+J Chrome Hab Cube 025

The back of the head stock.

R+J Chrome Hab Cube 031

The tail end has the jack in-put, handmade tail piece and strap button, I always glue a piece of hardwood inside the box to screw into for the strap button, this than helps to take the strain of the weight of the instrument, so that the thin box wall does not have to bare it.

R+J Chrome Hab Cube 018

The last photo is a long look up from the tail end.

R+J Chrome Hab Cube 022

Here below is the demo video featuring my song “Slide Rattle & Roll”

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