Demo The Beauty Cigar Box Guitar

by Col on October 13, 2015

Hey People,
today a look at my latest build, you can`t buy it, once again, I have sold this one while it was still on the bench!


This Cigar Box Guitar has a Beauty box, 3 strings, 23 frets, Mother of Pearl fret mark inlays, enclosed tuners, string trees, grommits and box corners, all in brass, a bone and hardwood bridge, a bone nut, double Piezo pick-up with volume control and a handmade brass tail piece.

Beauty Box 028

Here below is a closer look at the box.

Beauty Box 002

In this photo you can see the slotted neck, this slides onto the box and in doing so hides the join between neck and box.

Beauty Box 015

The volume control has a top hat knob, also in shoot the bridge made of bone, I have now added a thin piece of hardwood to the base of the bridge, to lift it just a bit, to make the action right.

Beauty Box 019

Here is the headstock with string trees and enclosed tuners in brass and bone nut.

Beauty Box 014

Back of the head stock has my logo sticker.

Beauty Box 039

As this box is so tidy, I did not want to put my trade mark boot print on the front, but it had to go on, so I stuck it on the back. I had to sand this box back as it was not great, but hasn`t come up well, lovely grain!

Beauty Box 045

Here is a better look at the tail end with my handmade brass tail piece, jack in-put and strap button.

Beauty Box 022

The last picture is a long look up from the tail end.

Beauty Box 025

I always like to end these posts about my new builds with a demo video, here featuring my version of Last Train by the Monkees, I have used this one again, to illustrate how easy a 3-string Cigar Box Guitar is to play.

The guitar is tuned G-D-G, this song is all played on the middle string, with both G-strings droning, you could play it with one finger, there are only 3 slide positions in the whole song.

The right hand rhythm is a hit hard to do while singing, but anyone should be able to do the left hand, with a bit of practice.

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