Demo The Black Label Trading Co. Cigar Box Guitar

by Col on December 1, 2015

Hey people,
Today a look at my latest build, the Black Label Trading Co. Cigar Box Guitar


This through neck, Cigar Box Guitar has 3-Strings a Red Grandis neck(stained Tudor Oak), 18 frets, chrome box corners, grommets and string trees, chrome and black tuners, a bone nut and bridge, Mother of Pearl top fret marks and a double Piezo pick-up with volume control.

me n BLTCo.

Great box this one, I did not want the fret board or the bridge to cover any of the label, so I cut the fret board down to 18 frets.

You still get 5 frets after the octave and that is probably enough for most of us!

Tudor Oak Neck.

Here is the head stock with a bone nut, chrome string trees and chrome and black tuners.


And here is the back of the head stock with my logo sticker and the chrome and black tuners


This picture shows the neck slot, that allows the neck to slide on to the box and hides the join between box and neck.


Here is the bone bridge and volume knob and a side view of the hand made tail piece.


The tail end has the jack in-put and strap button, you can also see the hand made tail piece and bone bridge.


This is a modern box, but has a lovely Gothic feel to it, so here is a few photos of the different sides.

The lid


Back of the box


Top side


Bottom side


The last photo is an arty look along


Finally here is a demo video for this build featuring my song Bankers Blues

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