Demo The Blue Lion 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

by Col on November 14, 2016

Hey guys,
Today a new build to show you, the Blue Lion CBG.


This 3-String, Cigar Box Guitar has a Red Grandis, hardwood neck, with 23 frets, a Mother of Pearl, top fret mark inlays, enclosed tuners and string trees in chrome and a bone nut. Chrome grommets and box corners, double piezo pick-up with volume control, a bone and hardwood bridge and a handmade tail piece.


This wooden La Aurora box has a blue background, with a lion in the foreground, hence the name, the Blue Lion, here is a closer look at the box.


Here you can see the slotted neck, that slides on and hides the join, between box and neck and my boot print.


This photo has a side view of the bridge and you can also see the bakelite chicken head, volume knob.


In this view of the tail end, you can see my handmade tail piece, the strap button and the jack in-put.


The head stock has string trees and enclosed tuners in chrome and a bone nut.


This is the back of the head stock with enclosed tuners and my logo sticker.


Above, a long look up from the tail end.


Here is me holding the thing, for scale, don`t you know!

Finally here is a demo of this build, the guitar has the 3 bottom strings and is tuned D-A D, and here features my song Stumble On, written for and released on the Mighty StumbleCol album back in 2013.

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Many Thanks,
Stumble On,

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