For Sale-The Chestnut Mare 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

by Col on January 26, 2019

Hi guys,
Here is my latest build on offer, The Chestnut Mare, 3-String, through neck, Cigar Box Guitar

This Cigar Box Guitar has a Montecristo box, a Red Grandis, one piece, hardwood neck, with 3-strings, 23 frets, Mother of Pearl, top fret mark inlays, a bone nut and bridge, double Piezo pickup with volume control, antique looking grommets and box corners, a hand made brass tail piece and strap button, both aged.

To read a post and watch a video about this build, please follow the link:
Price: £160.00

price includes £10 Mainland UK Shipping

Before you think about buying this Home Made Instrument,

Please read the statement below!



With all of my Home Made Instruments I am using Recycled/Reclaimed Materials where ever I can. Some of the Boxes, Timber and Materials that I use may show signs of Wear and Tear, this is natural. Some Instruments are deliberately aged or distressed, this is the way that they are meant to be and not a fault in the build. If you wish to buy an Instrument that is immaculate and appears to have been built by a machine, this is NOT the Instrument for you. Please buy a factory built guitar!


If on the other hand, you wish to own a One Off, Hand Built Instrument with a Unique Look, Feel and Sound, you have come to the right place. My Instruments are robust, they are built to be Reliable, Hard Working Gigging Instruments, not just ornaments to hang on the wall. I have CBG`s that I have built and Gigged 100`s of time, over the last few years and they still stay in tune and play/work well.


Most of my Instruments are in Open Tunings and are designed for playing Slide Guitar, with an Action low enough to easily play with your fingers for at least the first 7 Frets, but still high enough for Slide Playing. If you wish to play exclusively with your fingers, you may find the action a little high, you could ask me to custom build you something or look at buying a Cigar Box Strum Stick or Dulcimer from somewhere else.


If you are looking to buy an Instrument that you have not seen here on this site, please send me an email, if I can, I will build it for you.


All of my Instruments are guaranteed, if you are unhappy with it, I want to know about it, and if it develops a fault, I will happily repair it, not if you drop it down the stairs, but say, if the Electrics pack up. If you do drop it down the stairs, I may be able to fix it, for a price though!


All prices include UK Main Land shipping, if you are outside the UK, please message me and I will find out the price, to deliver to your location. I am happy for you to arrange with me to collect it, the price will then be £10 less, if this is the case, again please message me.

Many Thanks,


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