FREE MUSIC GIVE AWAY Guide Tracks & 1st Mixes-Mini Album

by Col on April 17, 2016

Hi people,
I have called this collect of outtakes “Guide Tracks & 1st Mixes”, coz that is what it is!

Guide Tracks & 1st Mixes.

All of the tracks are taken from the Mighty StumbleCol album.

These are the original recordings, in their unchanged state, no second guitar, apart from a few backing vocals from me, there are no over dubs, and all with a light clean acoustic mix.

This is how the tracks were mixed ready for Tom to take away and work on.

The track “Take Me As I Am”, I originally wrote and recorded with my Indie band in the 90`s, “The Other Garden”, this version features Roger Norman on Bass, who played on the original 90`s recording.

You can download all of these tracks for free to keep, I hope you enjoy them.

Click on the bottom left corner, to open soundcloud, to have download options.

If you enjoyed these free tracks, please share on the net for me.

Many Thanks,

Stumble On,

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