Justin Johnson-3 String-Cigar Box Guitar-Beginners Guide-Pt 1-12 Bar Blues

by Col on September 8, 2013

Hi guys,
I just found this on the net and had to share it!

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If you have been following my beginners guide to playing the 3 String Cigar Box Guitar, you will find this post invaluable, as it the next stage in the development of your playing!

Justin explains it all very well and makes it very easy to follow and he is helpfully tuned exactly the same as I was in my beginners guide!

Part One will teach you to play 12 Bar Blues, the core to most Blues Songs!

Learn to Play the Blues on 3-String Cigar Box Guitar- Part One

This is going to be a 3 Part Series, I will share pts 2 & 3 as and when Justin posts them!

Justin has a load of very useful and interesting posts on youtube, with some good lessons, some of it maybe a little advanced for the true beginner, but all are well worth a look and I bet you will learn something useful!

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