Learn to Play 3 String Cigar Box Guitar Part 7 Finger Slides/Hammer On/Offs

by Col on August 25, 2013

Hey people,
Today the last real post in this series, there will be a couple more additions, but these will be more about using what you have learned and playing along with me.

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For now though, this is the last look at what I am doing, so finally a couple of tricks.

Once you have got your Right hand working, playing that constant circular rhythm and you are having a go at playing little runs and walking riffs, you will be ready to have a go at Hammer On/Off`s and Finger Slides.

HAMMER ON`sThe Hammers sound really flashy, but are relatively easy to play!

By playing a String Open and then Hamming on with a finger, you get 2 notes for the one stroke of the Pick, Finger or Plectrum.

Yes this will work with a stroke of either a Finger, Plectrum or a Thumb Pick, but will not work as well with a finger as you do need to give the String a good clean twang!

StumbleCol-Black Cloud CBG 011

The Hammer On must be done with enough force to make the second notes sound, don`t hurt your finger, but you must go for it.

Practise Hammering on 2nd Fret, then 3rd Fret for each String, moving up and down between Strings Hammering as you go!

The Hammer trick will work at any Safe Fret , but will work best on Frets 2,3,5 and 7, please see part 4 of this guide, for more about safe Frets: http://www.stumblecol.com/learn-to-play-3-string-cigar-box-guitar-part-4-frets-and-safe-frets/
Once you have got the Hammer on, you will be ready for the Hammer Off.

The Hammer Off is played much the same as the Hammer On, but with the addition of dragging the String down a little with the finger and then letting go.

Hol-Black Dog-R+J Resere 023

Get this right and you will kind of get three notes for one stroke of the Right Hand.

Do this, but with a bit more force and drag a bit further and you will get the note to bend and or twang.

This way take you some practise, but is very satisfying, once mastered!

This is very easy to do, but very effective!

Mainly using the Safe Frets, which we talked about already, simply Slide a finger from one fret to another, you can play all of the Strings, the others will act as Drone Strings.

You can tighten up the playing circle of the Right hand pattern, see part 5:http://www.stumblecol.com/learn-to-play-3-string-cigar-box-guitar-part-5-the-right-hand/
,to emphasize the String you are Sliding on or let `em all Drone on!

amp CBG`s 017

If you are tune G-D-G, like me, you can Slide on the Middle String up into the 5th Fret, this will give you a third G and create a kind of great G Power Chord.

You can make this Sliding move with a finger or your Slide, try changing between the two, every few times around, like this, say 8 x Fingers, then 4 x Slide.

This is great for practising and will tighten your changes up no end!

Blue Bomber 001

Here finally is a short video, where I am trying to show you these couple of tricks, if you can get them, will help make your playing sound a bit more interesting!

StumbleCol-Demo-Learn 3 String Cigar Box Guitar Part 7

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Mike September 27, 2016 at 12:26 pm

Enjoyed that but wish I could get my guitar to sound as good as that!


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