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Here is my new EP Workhouse, you can listen or download the whole thing for free, so enjoy and share, but be warned, this is my anti-Tory EP!


“Hardest working act on the UK Cigar Box Scene”- Chicken Bone John

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If you could look it up in the Dictionary it would say:

Home grown Punkabilly Blues, played on Home Made Instruments!

Original songs with an edge of raw emotion and heart felt honesty!

StumbleCol is now a One Man Band:
With: Vocals, Slide Guitar played on my own Home Made Cigar Box Guitars, Harmonica (Rack Harp), Briefcase Bass Drum, pre-recorded beats.
“GREAT BIG TUNES TO BLOW YOU AWAY WITH”, some bloke once said in the Paper. Don’t take my word for it, check out this site or if you can, catch the live show!


Colin: I have always written songs and create music because I have to!

“Let that boy Boogie Woogie, coz it’s in him and it’s got to come out”, in the words of John Lee hooker!

The Music
Because I play the Harmonica, I have always played and written songs in some kind of Blues structure, with my music always having a heavy influence of Foundation Blues, but it was not until I started calling myself StumbleCol, that I really found my true path.

Back in August 2009 I broke my leg; I had 4 wks with it elevated. I did not want to sit there and do nothing, and as I had always wanted to learn, I started to teach myself Slide Guitar.

I then discovered Cigar Box Guitars and it has changed me!

I was always the 12 String Guitar Man, but now I play Slide on Cigar Box Guitars and also on a variety of Home Made Instruments, all made by me, and accompanied by myself on Harmonica, in a brace (Rack Harp), I also use a Briefcase Bass Drums and Prerecorded beats/backing tracks.

The Lineups
I must at the point talk about previous lineups, I started Solo, then I was accompanied by Roger Norman on Bass and Backing Vocals. The gigs started to come thick and fast and Roger was not able to make that level of commitment and so with a heavy heart, he had to quit.

After Roger left, I worked with Tom Few, who played Lead Guitar, sang backing vocals and played a Suitcase Bass Drum, this is probably the StumbleCol sound that you know!

From mid 2013 we also took on a Smutbot as a Bass Player, who also brought Hip Hop beats and StumbleCollective was born.

The Collective recorded 10 or 11 new songs for an album, which will never now, be released as an album, but we did have one track released world wide through College Radio and College Radio Day Records in 2013.

Despite the success and great booking for the forth coming year, plus the potential of the Collective, sadly after a few months we split up!

You can call it “Creative Differences”, the fact is that we do not play together anymore and I am now happy to be a solo act.

Col-Tom & Roger`s join past history

In 1996 I formed an Indie/Rock band called The Other Garden, this project ran for 6 or 7 years, saw the recording and release of 3 CDs + the setup of our own Indie Record Label. We won numerous awards, performed at many Festivals and toured extensively through out the UK. Unfortunately the major record deal eluded us and in 2002 the band split.

The Future Sound
Now solo, a One Man Band!
I have taken my StumbleCol sound and just Grunged it up a little bit, using my influences as an original Punk and original Psychobilly to make it, what I feel to be more me, I`m calling it “Punkabilly Blues”.

Still with Harmonica and Briefcase Bass Drum, but also with beats, backing tracks.


Workhouse EP
2017 sees the setup of the StumbleCol Studio and the released, of the long awaited new political EP workhouse.
I am a life long socialist and union affiliated member of the Labour party, this is my anti-Tory propaganda EP.

You can hear, download the whole EP at:

I am now Gigging and in fact Headlining as a solo act, the solo album, “Punkabilly Blues” was released to critical acclaim in 2015 and has sold out twice and had to be repressed.

Punkabilly Blues

A return to my roots, with 13 solo tracks, featuring some of my best songs + a few choice covers.
No over dubs, no tedious guitar solo, just 100% pure StumbleCol magic!
Recorded as I sound live on stage, a total joy to record and to listen to.

You can hear the whole album at:

and also download 2 tracks for free!

The Mighty StumbleColThe Mighty StumbleCol(Book Front-Page 1)STUMBLUESCD5

2 years and life time in the making, 17 tracks, 100% Home Made!

This album features what we believe to be our finest work to date, this is a real album, with real songs.

This album has been constructed in 2 halves like an LP, each song has had a lot of work to make them exactly right.

You can hear the whole album at:

and also download 2 tracks for free!

Sour Mash:Sour Front
Released in July 2011, a whole year in the making this is our greatest achievement to date. The album features 13 original StumbleCol songs and has Cigar Box Guitars and Home Made Instruments on every track. With this album we have brought in the Suitcase Bass Drums and our sound is complete! We have really pushed our boundaries with this album, with the playing and the guest players and singers and some ambitious arrangements.

This album features the Stumble Choir, on So Much To Be Grateful For, which is made up of 32+ voices, my kids, friends and neighbours. The thirteenth song is When I win the Lottery – live!, some may say the track is rough, well it is supposed to be, anyone who grew up in the Punk era, as I did, will remember the abundance of Bootleg Cassettes, that we used to get in the late 70`s. They were of terrible quality, yet beautiful, this track is supposed to be reminiscent of those old Punk Bootlegs, rough and raw!

You can hear the whole album and download 2 tracks for free by visiting


Smutbots Rm: Smutfront

Released in July 2010, this album took the first 6 months of the year to record and was engineered and recorded by Smutbot in his home studio in Cambridge, UK. The album is a heady mix of Blues songs, mostly original, with a couple of old covers from the 1930`s, all given the StumbleCol spin. 13 songs, with the extra track, mainly recorded on Resonator and 12 String Guitars, but also featuring 3 songs on Cigar Box Guitars.

You can hear the whole album and download two tracks for free from


We have made a number of Videos, some taken from our live shows around the country; some are Ninja Busking Videos and some from my home. The ones from my home are usually to showcase a new song or instrument.

I invented the term “Ninja Busking” to describe what I sometimes do, the idea is simple, you take a battery amp and a Cigar Box Guitar, a Suitcase Bass Drum, Camera and Camera Op. You setup and play a song to Camera, in a prime location with out consent, you then pack up and leave before security can arrive.

You can check out our videos at

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