StumbleCol Streamed Live on youtube from Mill Rd Winter Fair 2016

November 30, 2016

Hi guys, Good news! The whole StumbleCol set at this years Mill Rd Winter Fair, was streamed live on youtube, 3rd December 2016, 3.45pm GMT. If you missed it on the day or you just want to see it again, here is the link, music starts at about 14:30 mins. 100% handmade Cigar Box […]

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StumbleCol-Stink Eye-Graffiti Wall

November 18, 2016

Hey people, Today a video for ya. This is my second video using multiple cameras, thanks to Peter Stearn. The song is Stink Eye, which I wrote and recorded on a 6 String Cigar Box Guitar, tuned to open D, for my album The Mighty StumbleCol, back in 2013. Here now resurrected, played on a […]

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StumbleCol-Restless Train-New Song

November 16, 2016

Hi guys, A new video to show you today. This is my first video using multiple cameras, in fact 3 cameras were used by Peter Stearn to film the clip. The Guitar is a 3-String, through neck Cigar Box Guitar, with the bottom 3 strings from a set of acoustic guitar strings on it, tuned […]

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Demo The Blue Lion 3 String Cigar Box Guitar

November 14, 2016

Hey guys, Today a new build to show you, the Blue Lion CBG. This 3-String, Cigar Box Guitar has a Red Grandis, hardwood neck, with 23 frets, a Mother of Pearl, top fret mark inlays, enclosed tuners and string trees in chrome and a bone nut. Chrome grommets and box corners, double piezo pick-up with […]

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Free Music Download-Live Tracks-New Songs

October 30, 2016

Hi Guys, Here today is your chance to download two new live recordings from StumbleCol, new songs, due to be studio recorded for my my next EP Workhouse. These tracks are live and raw, but hopefully not too rough! The tracks are Restless Train, which features, a Smutbot backing track, which was originally used for […]

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Rack Harp, Mic Mount, Built and Designed by StumbleCol

October 7, 2016

Hi people, Today a look at a new build, not a Cigar Box Guitar, but a rack harp, mic mount. I wanted to buy something like this, but the only thing that I could find on-line was steel and involved sticking a magnet on to each of your harps, not for me buddy! I used […]

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The Hollowbelly Redo 3-String-Cigar Box Guitar

September 15, 2016

Hi guys, Got a build to show you today, this is not a new build, but one that I built some time ago and have now modified. I built this through neck Cigar Box Guitar, for Hollowbelly a couple of years ago, but he has never used it live, because he does not like Piezo […]

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Demo-The 25 Romeo No.2 Cigar Box Guitar

September 3, 2016

Hi guys, Today a look at my latest build. This Cigar Box Guitar has a 25 Romeo No.2 box, a Red Grandis neck, 23 frets, Mother of Pearl top fret marks, a bone nut, bone and hardwood bridge, brass hard ware, that`s box corners, grommets, string trees and enclosed tuners and a handmade tail piece. […]

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StumbleCol Live On Cambridge TV

August 30, 2016

Here it is people, A youtube version of my Live set recorded for the Sunday Sessions, broadcast on Cambridge TV. If you enjoyed this film, please share it for me, with all on the net! Many Thanks, StumbleOn, Col

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StumbleCol TV AD

August 26, 2016

Hi guys, I will be on TV in the UK on Sunday 28th August, Cambridge TV-Sunday Sessions, 9pm GMT, Virgin channel 159 and Freeview channel 7, here is the AD. I will share the link to the watch again, once posted. If you like what I do please share for me. Many Thanks, Stumble On, […]

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