Performance and Gigging-StumbleCol-District 9- played on Plank Lap Steel Guitar at Boxstock 2011

by Col on October 19, 2011

People ask me “What is the weirdest thing that I have made to play and Gig with, well I guess the strangest thing that I play is my “Plank Lap Steel Guitar”.

It has 6 strings, tuned G-C-G, with an octave string for each, so the tuning is C, I play a Harp 4 away, in F. It has a Bacci Tin, Piezo pick up, and the tin is my old “Stoners Tin” from when I was a kid, with the brass tube from my old hash pipe as a bridge. The tail piece came from an acoustic my friend found in a bin shed, the plank is Pine and I reclaimed it, before it was used to build a composter. The fret marks cover screws, which fix into a 3mm thick steel plate, I added this to stop the thing from folding up, under the strain of the strings, and it has the added effect of working like some kind of Resonator.

StumbleCol playing District 9, Live at Boxstock 2011

The video is the opening number from our feature spot at Boxstock 2011, the UK`s national Cigar Box Guitar Festival at the public venue in Birmingham.

The song is my tribute to the Peter Jackson move of the same name, I think that the film has been greatly over looked and is a modern classic. If you have never seen it, it is well worth checking out!

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