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by Col on October 16, 2011

StumbleCol used to be The Other Garden

So what is our history, me and Tom?

People always ask us, as you two fit together, so well, you must have been doing stuff together for a while?

Well we used to be in an Indie band in the 90`s called “The Other Garden” We were a serious band, made 3 CDs and Gigged all over the UK, but never got a record deal!

Also, in the lineup for “The Other Garden” was Roger Norman(Bassist), who appears on our latest album “Sour Mash”, as Solid Rog.

It is very funny seeing this Video now, at was filmed in 1997, on the Stage at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, in the UK. The track is “When The Sun Was Shining”, it is taken from the second CD entitled, “Step Out, Step In”.

The Other Garden – When The Sun Was Shining

This is the only video in existence, as far as I know, I hope that you enjoy it, all comments welcome and replied to,

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