Rack Harp, Mic Mount, Built and Designed by StumbleCol

by Col on October 7, 2016

Hi people,
Today a look at a new build, not a Cigar Box Guitar, but a rack harp, mic mount.


I wanted to buy something like this, but the only thing that I could find on-line was steel and involved sticking a magnet on to each of your harps, not for me buddy!


I used an old 3mm thick off cut of perspex, light weight and small, with a cut away in the top piece, so that it does not rub on your lip.

I cut the hole just the right size, to fit over the top of the Mic, with the cover off, when the cover is screwed back on, it holds the rack perfectly in place.


I used bolts with springs, washers and nylock nuts, total cost about a £1.


Above in the side view you can see the bends needed to get the angles required. I used a vice to get the clean lines, but dare not bend it straight off, in case it snapped. I therefor decided, to plunged it into boiling water for 2-3 minutes, to soften the perspex, then made the bends quickly, while still hot, repeating as many time, as required.

Below is a demo video, the first using my new Rack Harp-Mic Mount, the song is Stumble On, I wrote it back in 2012 and it was then played and recorded for my album The Might StumbleCol, on a 6 string in open D tuning, now I have resurrected it and am playing it on a 3 string, with the bottom 3 strings, tuned D-A-D.

Those of you who regularly follow my posts, will know that I always sign off with “Stumble On”, it is because of this song, I also have it tattooed on the back of my neck.

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Many Thanks,

Stumble On,

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