StumbleCol-Build a Box Guitar Construction Part 1

by Col on October 16, 2013

Hi guys,
I have been getting a lot of enquiries about how to build a Box Guitar with a Factory Neck and so I am going to do a whole series of posts looking at the building process.

Here is the first constructional post looking at my latest build, a 6-String, Dog Bowl Resonator, Wine Box Guitar.

The Sky Blue-Wine Box Guitar 022

Here above is a look at what it will hopefully end up looking like, but the new build will be black, this one is mine, “The Sky Blue”!

The first thing that I do is to measure up and mark the central horizontal line.

Place the neck onto the body to mark out for the Neck Pocket, it needs to go far enough onto the box, to at least hide the existing holes, if pre-drilled.

You need to spend a bit of time on this, it is hard to get the Neck in the right line, as there are no square angles.

Marked out for the Neck

Use a good set square for the on body end and your eye, measure both sides of the neck until, the space is the same.

Once you are happy, draw around it with a pencil, then once again, have good look at it, does it look equal?

Next use some scrap wood, wedge it up to a tight fit to the lid, under your markings for the Neck Pocket.

When you fit the neck, you want this join to look clean, so before you come to do any cutting, get a craft knife and score 1mm inside the pencil mark, this will stop little bits of the lid from flying off when you cut and help to prevent damaging the good side of the cut.

Box Guitar Build 006

This will give you something to drill into and will help to stop the lid from splitting and cracking!

Drill around, several places, not too close to the Score line, then use a small saw and cut out the bit you do not want.

I then use a small rotary Drimel type tool with a sander attachment on and sand down to the score line.

Next offer up the neck, it will not fit, so check, how much more do you need to sand off, also measure again at this point, if one side is a millimetre more out than the other, then sand more off that side.

Do this a little bit at a time, and offer the Neck up every time that you do, if you take too much off, you will spoil the look of the thing.

Here is all of that info in a short video, I hope that this will help to make things clear!

StumbleCol- Build a Box Guitar Construction Video Part 1

If you have any questions, please comment them and I will try to answer as best as I can.

Check back tomorrow, to see the rest of the lid marked out and cut.

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Smutbots CBG 006

The Question:
What is my favourite 4-String Guitar Tuning?

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If you do not know the answer, check my old post`s, enough said!

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Many Thanks,
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