StumbleCol-Build a Box Guitar Construction Part 2

by Col on October 17, 2013

Hi guys,
welcome to my second look at this build, now that the Neck Pocket is done, I am going to mark out and cut the rest of the lid for the Hardware.

The Black Widow Wine Box Guitar 050

It should end up looking like this one above, this is my “Black Widow”

Once the Neck is a good snug fit, you can measure your scale length, remember the length from the Nut to the 12th Fret is the same distance as from the 12th Fret to the Bridge.

Once you are happy with this measurement mark the central horizontal line, use your set square and draw a line, up and down.

Your Dog Bowl will probably by fluted, as mine is, it is again a bit hard to work out the measurements, exactly how big to make your hole ?

You want to make sure that the Dog Bowl is a good snug fit, so as before, make the hole a bit smaller than you think you need.

Box Guitar Build 015

Once you have decided on a slightly under estimated guestimate of the diameter, divide it by 2 and that is the measurement for your compass.

Now use your compass, place it at the centre of the cross, which you created by marking for the Bridge, on the Horizontal line.

Draw your circle, open out the compass another couple of Mil`s, draw another circle, another couple of Mil`s and do it again.

This way if the Dog Bowl does not quite touch the lid, you can sand out to the next line.

Box Guitar Build 016

After I`ve marked the circle for the Dog Bowl and before I make any more cuts, I like to lay out all the rest of the hardware, to check that it will all fit and look right.

The Gromits come with washers and that is what I used for marking out these, I also use them to mark out for the Tone and Volume Pots, so mark the centre and remember to use a smaller drill bit for these 2 holes!

Box Guitar Build 029

Here then is the box all marked out!

Next, block up inside the Box to the lid with a good tight fit, with scrap wood again, and again score all the way around, 1mm inside the first pencil line, this will hopefully prevent any splitting outside the circle.

Drill down into the scrap wood, with holes all the way around, just inside the score line, cut out the middle bit that you do not want with a saw and Drimel down to the first line.

Check how the Dog Bowl fits, does it go all the way in until the Bowl is tight and touching the lid?

If not, sand down to the next line or half way, if you think that is enough, do it a bit at a time and offer up the bowl everytime.

Do not take too much off, if it is too loose, the Dog Bowl will rattle when you string up the Guitar!

Box Guitar Build 038

Here we are then all cut out, big circle for the Dog Bowl, long hole in the middle is for the Pick-Up, the 2 small cicles are for Volume and Tune and the other 6 slightly bigger ones are for sound hole Grommits.

Box Guitar Build 042

So here it is with the Bowl in, it`s a nice tight fit!

Box Guitar Build 054

In this picture the Neck and Dog Bowl are both in, both a very good fit!

Box Guitar Build 049

Here is a closer look at the box with the Bowl and the Neck in!

I have done one more thing to the Tail End of the Box, that I need to share with you.

Box Guitar Build 066

Not only will this end need to hold the weight of the instrument through the Strap Button, but also, this is where I will anchor the Tail Piece for the Strings, I do not want the end of the Box to take all of that strain, so I have added a 5mm thick piece of White Oak.

Box Guitar Build 062

This piece of Oak is glued into place and does not touch the back of the Box, nor the lid, as I do not want it to interfere with the resonance of the Box.

I have had to make the hole for the Jack In-Put socket a bit bigger, on the inside, so that it would go in a bit further, so that enough of the thread pokes through to get the Nut and Washer on it.

Here is a short video covering all the stages in this post, I hope it shows you what I mean!

StumbleCol-Build a Box Guitar Construction Video Part 2

Please check back soon, in the next post, I will be making the Neck Block, that I need to drill and screw through from the back, to fix the Neck to the Box.

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Smutbots CBG 006

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Many Thanks,
Stumble On,

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