StumbleCol-Build a Box Guitar Construction Part 3

by Col on October 21, 2013

Hi guys,
In part 3 we are looking at the bit that people are always asking about, the building and instillation of the Neck block.

If you wanna know, what one of these babies sound like here is a little live video, my “Black Widow” Dog Bowl Resonator is being played through a Laney LCR 15 Tube amp.

StumbleCol-Live in the Cambridge HMV store, to launch the Cambridge Summer Music Festival 2013

The key to this kind of build is the Neck Block, this fits very tight inside the box and enables you to screw through it, into the Neck, to fix it to the box.

Neck Block 012

You may think that this Neck Block is a bit of shoddy Wood Work job, but please remember that a)You are never gonna see it again, once the Guitar is put together and b)I have made it out of off cuts from a skip.

Neck Block 001

I build my Neck Blocks out of 2 pieces of 2” by 4” with these Wine Boxes that I use, here above is the front view, marked with an F, just to make sure that I know, which way around the two bit fit together and which way round it goes in the Box.

Neck Block 002

The cut away in the right hand side of the Block is to make room for the Volume Pot.

Neck Block 004

Looking down from above, you can see, the screws holding the 2 pieces together.
The cut away on the right is for the Volume Pot, left is there to create a space under one of the sound holes and the middle one is to fix the Neck to.

Neck Block 008

In this picture, you can see it is all marked out and drilled ready for the Neck Plate.

I drill down through the bottom of the Box, into the Neck Block, I angle the drill very slightly inwards from the corner, I do this on all 4 holes.

That way, the screws will pull against each other and not be able to pull out of the Neck, once under the pressure of the Strings.

I make sure that the drill bit goes in deep enough to mark the second piece of the Block.

I then take out the screws and split the Block in two, the marks are there, from the first drilling, for me to follow.

Follow the angle that you started and drill right through, you should end up with 4 hole in the centre cut away, to fix the Neck to.

Neck Block 007

Here with the lid down, you can see where the Neck will be seated, with the hole for the Neck now drilled.

The Neck Block is now all drilled and fitted, before I started to drill the holes for the neck, I first drilled and screwed in through the side of the Box, into the Neck Block, being careful not to hit the screws that hold the two pieces of the Block together

This will stop the Block from moving, not only while you are drilling, but also, once the Box has the pressure of being strung up as a Guitar.

Neck Block 018

Here those screws have been filled with wood filler and sanded back flat once dry, ready for painting.

Neck Block 029

Lastly, I have done one more thing, I have drilled down through the lid, into the side of the Box, in each corner, this is one of the dodgiest bits, you need to do this though, to stop the lid from twisting against the Box once it is under the pressure of the Strings.

It is dodgy, because it is so close to the edge, you must be very careful, to drill dead straight, if not, you will drill out through the side of the Box and spoil the whole job!

Once I put this build together, the Box Corners will hide these screws.

So here is a video showing all of that info!

StumbleCol-Building and Installing the Neck Block

Please check back soon, to see me build the wiring loom for this Box Guitar!

Also, please remember to enter our Competition to win one of my Special Edition 3-String, CSI, High Velocity Blood Splatter, Cigar Box Guitars, like this one.

Smutbots CBG 006

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