StumbleCol-Build a Box Guitar Construction Part 4

by Col on October 25, 2013

Hi guys,
Today I`m gonna look at painting the Box and putting the wiring loom together.

If you wanna know what one of these builds sound like, check out this video!

StumbleCol-Demo-The Sky Blue 6-String Wine Box Guitar

Well, I gave the box 3 coats of Black Emulsion and then left it overnight to completely dry.

Painting the Box 001

I then painted the soul of my boot with some old white emulsion, having already worked out where I wanted to place it.

I take a second or two, to get it lined up and then I roll it on.

Once the Boot is on the box, I firmly press it down with my other hand, working my way around, making sure that there is no sideways movement to spoil the boot print!

I then peel the boot off, again being careful not to twist the Boot as I do. If I`m happy with it, with these Pollock style splatter boxes, I then splatter the box with more of the white emulsion.

Painting the Box 006

I do not use any special paint for this job, I just use emulsion, if it is old and has gone a bit thick, even better!

If I remove the boot and I am not happy with the position of the print or if not enough of the tread has been left, I have no choice, but to wipe it down quick and re-paint it black to start again.

StumbleCol-Painting the Box

So while the paint is drying and then the three coats of varnish are going off, I have turned my attention to the wiring loom.

Box Guitar Wiring Loom 003

Single Coil Magnetic Pic-Up, 500k Volume Pot, 500k Tone Pot and an Orange Drop Capacitor


This is the wiring diagram that I use, there are others, that do vary slightly, but this one works for me!

Box Guitar Wiring Loom 010

Here it is then, all done, the purple wire is the Earth wire for Earthing the Strings, I will put one of the screw that hold the tail piece on through the loop, job done.

I`ve plugged the wiring loom into my battery amp and tapped the magnets in the Pick-Up and it makes a good sound, turned the volume down, tapped again, sound still there, but quieter.

Warning only do this with a battery amp and never plug it into an amp on mains power or you might get a shock!

I then did the same with the Tone Pot, also there is no nasty Earth Buzz, so I am happy, it good to be fitted!

Please check back soon, in the next post I`m gonna put this guitar together, Yaaaaa!

Also, please remember to enter our Competition to win one of my Special Edition 3-String, CSI, High Velocity Blood Splatter, Cigar Box Guitars, like this one.

Smutbots CBG 006

The Question:
What is my favourite 4-String Guitar Tuning?

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