StumbleCol-Competition Winner Announced

by Col on March 11, 2012

Hi people,

Who`s won this Cigar Box Guitar?

Sometimes a build just goes right, this is one of those builds, this is a beautiful Cigar Box Guitar.

I am having separation anxiety, I want to keep it!

I can make up loads of reasons why I should keep this one, but I must let it go!

Why did we hold this competition?
We started this Competition a couple of weeks back, to Celebrate the fact that had reached 50`000 page views, and to say a big thank you to the people who follow this site.

Today our site is 22 wks old, I have uploaded 184 Cigar Box Guitar related posts in that time, and we have now had over 61`000 page views, I am amazed!

Anyway, what does the Competition Prize Cigar Box Guitar weigh?

2lbs-4oz/1.1kg(Two Pounds and Four Ounces/One point One Kilograms)

Lots of people got very close with their guesses, but no one got it exactly right!

The closest answer was:
2lb.3-1/2oz(Two Pounds, Three and a Half Ounces)

Who Has Won?


Email your address Jabes and I`ll send it out to you!

StumbleCol-Death Letter by Son House played on Competition Prize CBG

The weird sound on the video is me with my Slide, not the Box Guitar, I was being heavy handed and did not realise that the camera had picked it up until, I listened back!

Thanks to all who entered!

Please keep looking,
Stumble On,

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