StumbleCol – CSI Special Edition 6-String Wine Box Guitar

by Col on June 9, 2014

Hi guys,
Today a look at my latest build, this one is a keeper!

StumbleCol-New 6-String CSI Box 013

This Wine Box Guitar has 6-Strings, Vintage 60`s Neck, Single Coil Magnetic Pick-Up, with Volume Control and Tone Control with an Orange Drop Capacitor, Enclosed Tuners, Bone Nut and Bone and Hard Wood Bridge, Chrome Grommits and Box Corners and a Hand Made tail Piece.

My CSI 013

This is one of my CSI Special Editions, you can`t buy one of these, for love nor money! If you want one of these, you gotta barter for it, money just won`t do!

StumbleCol-New 6-String CSI Box 002

As with all of the CSI Special Editions, it has the owners name on the back and my Bloody Hand Print and yes, this one is mine!

StumbleCol-New 6-String CSI Box 020

Here is my Right Boot Print!

StumbleCol-New 6-String CSI Box 021

There is the Bridge and also you can see black and red Skull Knobs.

StumbleCol-New 6-String CSI Box 025

Here is a good look at the Hand Made Tail Piece.

StumbleCol-New 6-String CSI Box 028

In this photo an Arty look up from the Tail End.

I built this Wine Box Guitar to replace my Number One Guitar, in Standard Tuning, here is a picture of the retiring Box.

StumbleCol-6 String Cigar Box Guitar 009

I built the old one in a real rush, to play at a festival and it has ended up being my number one for 3 years, but build quality was poor and the time had come to replace it.

Finally a demo video of the replacement, same Neck ad Hard Ware, new Box. I the clip I am playing my song “Broken”

StumbleCol Demo the CSI Special Edition 6- String Wine Box Guitar

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