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by Col on December 24, 2013

Hi guys,
Today a look at my new Busking amp, as some of you may know, I have been using a Vox Mini 3 Battery amp for my Living room and for Busking Gigs for a couple of years.

Roland Busking amp 014

While the Mini 3 is a brilliant amp for the Living Room with great tones, I have found it somewhat lacking in volume, in the series of Seasonal Gigs that we have done through November and December.

I therefore set out to find a new(Louder)Busking/Battery amp.

amp on box

After reading many reviews and youtube videos, I kept coming back to the Roland Micro Cube RX.

Roland Busking amp 001

I am not here going to bore you with the spec, you can go to Roland or something for that, if you really wanna know!

Here I just want to tell ya, and show what it can be made to do!

In the picture below, you can see the Box with the lid up, all I need is stored on top of the amp, protected by foam.

So inside the lid I store: a Guitar Tuner, 2 Jack Leads, a couple of Harmonicas and my Slide with Thimb/Finger Pick.

Roland Busking amp 002

Here below is a look at the amp in the Box, nice tight fit, with Flight Case foam.

Roland Busking amp 003

The top panel of the amp is much the same as the rest of the Micro Cube range, but with the addition of a Drum Machine, “Yes a Drum Machine”!!!

When I read about this amp I realised that it had a built in Drum Machine, it really turned me off.

“It has got to be crap” I said to myself, just more to go wrong with it, but it seemed to be the one, so off I went to the shop, to try one out.

Well I do have to say that the sound quality was so good, that it made play better, I kid you not, I could hear everything, so well, that it enabled me to really hear my Slide playing and instantly improve my Slide positioning over the Frets.

Then I went for the Drum Machine, what a great sound, and dead easy to use. I just turned it on and was able to work out how to use it straight away. 40 minutes later, I did not buy the amp, I went home, bee in my Bonnet!

That Drum Machine, is a trap, I`m just gonna waste hours Noodling away, I thought. Do you know what though, I went back the next day a bought the amp!

I did not use the Drum Machine again for a couple of weeks as I was very busy with loads of Seasonal Gigs, but as soon as I did get the chance, I instantly added Drum Machine to a new song and also to an older one.

Now hooked, it reminds me of the Opening of Talking Heads Stop Making Sense, where David Byrne starts out with a Guitar and Ghetto Blaster.

My Rating so far 10 out of 10!!!

Back to the photos, as you may have noticed, I always make wooden Flight Cases for all of my gear, this not only protects it, but also with the amps, you can stand them on the Box, giving you some elevation and much better sound spread, than just standing the amp on the ground.

Roland Busking amp 008

So, the foam lined Box has a false bottom, underneath I place the mains lead, a spare Jack and Mini Jack leads. It is underneath, so that if Busking on batteries, you just take the amp out and do not need to worry about the power lead.

Roland Busking amp 009

So to demo the amp, I am playing a new song, a work still in progress with the Drum Machine, called “RNR”

StumbleCol Demo Roland Micro Cube RX

Thanks for looking!

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Many Thanks,
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