StumbleCol Drunk As A Skunk-National T14

by Colin Merry on September 2, 2019

Hi guys,

Today a new song on a new guitar to share with you.

The Guitar is my new National T14, in the weathered steel finish, this is an incredible guitar to play, with a beautiful tone. This model was only released a year ago and mine is number nine, I bet that there aren`t many of these in the UK.

This NRP Tricone Resonator has a factory fitting National Slimline Pick-up.

The song is a brand new one, the first written on this new National guitar. It is called “Drunk As A Skunk”, a bit tongue in cheek and is about my love of drinking beer. The guitar is tuned to Open D and the harmonica is hohner Pro Harp in G.

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Many Thanks,

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