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by Colin Merry on July 28, 2020

Hey people,

Today a new guitar to show you, which I just purchased, an Estralita Deluxe by National Resophonic in the US.

I bought this guitar secondhand, the cone was rattly, action a little high for finger style and very heavy dolbro string on it and a discoloured cover plate and tail piece.

I striped it down, gave it a good clean and service.

Thankfully the cone was in good shape, just needed dusting.

Inside you can see the builds name at NRP and the date of construction.

What looked like patina, was in fact just surface muck, I did not want to use chemicals, but the muck came off easily with a soft cloth, warm water, and a little light elbow grease, the cover plate and tail piece now look like new.

I checked the neck with the flat edge of a long ruler and did give the truss rod a tweek, swapped the heavy dobro strings for lighter acoustic strings and tuned it to standard tuning. This guitar has cleaned up very well, is in new condition, and has no marks at all.

As part of the service I also tightened the tuners.

I have called her Estelle, she is now my acoustic guitar, in standard tuning and finally here is a video clip of me playing her, the song is one of mine, “Cold Hearted”. A little bit of bathroom acoustics here, I have ordered a National Slimline pickup from NRP in the US, I will do a post about fitting that and a sound check, when it arrives.

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