StumbleCol FB Live Stream 24/4/20-featuring my Resolectric Revolver

by Colin Merry on June 9, 2020

Hey people,

Today I have another video clip to share with you, it is the third FaceBook Live Stream, featuring three original songs, this time from 24/4/20 and featuring my Resolectric Revolver from NRP.

The Tuning is Open G, as this is an electric resonator and as my main amp is away at Fender for repare, here I am using my busking rig.

The first song is Whineful Moan, a song about death and not wanting to go and the pain of leaving your loved ones behind. This song was originally written and recorded for “The Might StumbleCol” album back in 2014. The Harmonica is a Hohner Pro Harp in C.

Song two is “Bankers Blues”, this is an original song, not to be confused with any song with the same or similar title, and is about dept. This song was first written and recorded for the first StumbleCol album “Smutbots Room” released in 2010. The harmonica in this song is in G, same key as the tuning, so straight harp.

The third original song in this third, short three song set is “Lock Down”, a very new song inspired by the COVID lock down. The Harmonica is a Hohner Pro Harp in C.

I will continue to make these short live streams, while I still have songs to share, so look out for more coming soon. As my Fender amp is due back after repare, maybe next I will do these sets again, but with my true amp set up.

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