StumbleCol-FB Live Stream-National Resophonic B Series-22/04/20

by Colin Merry on June 1, 2020

Hi guys,

Today a new video clip to share with you, a FaceBook Live Stream from 22/5/20. This is the second clip in this series of clips, featuring three songs, in this film I am playing my 14 fret, B Series NRP, in black rust finish, tuned to Open C.

The first song in this short set is “Wishin` I Was Out Of It”, I wrote this song many years ago, it was originally played and recorded in D, and was the title track for “The Other Garden`s” third EP released in 2002. It was re-recorded for the first StumbleCol album “Smutbots Room” back in 2010, and now lives on as an acoustic slide track in Open C.

Song two is “Live Until I Die”, first written for “The Mighty StumbleCol” album, released in 2013. This song is about knowing that your lifestyle has damaged your health, but accepting that this was the cost and that we all die anyway, so make the most of it.

Song three is “The Miracle Of Santa Maria”, this is a song about “Operation Pedstal” a relief convoy in WWII, which was sent to break the siege of the island of Malta in 1942. This was pretty much a suicide mission, but Malta was deemed of such great importance to the war effort, that the convoy was sent anyway. Many ships and crews were lost, but some ships made it through, including the giant US oil tanker Ohio. The Ohio limped in the port on the day of the festival of Santa Maria, and it became known as the miracle of Santa Maria.

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