StumbleCol-FB Live Stream 21-4-20-National Reso Rocket

by Colin Merry on May 28, 2020

This is the first in a set of spring live stream videos recorded on Face Book, featuring my small, but beautiful National Reso-Phonic guitar collection. Each video will be three original songs and feature a different guitar or a differnt tuning, in each clip.

From left to right T14-Resolectric Revolver-B Series NRP-Reso-Rocket

This video features my latest aquisition a National Reso-Rocket, tuned to Open F and fitted with a national Slimline Pickup, although this video is acoustic, with no amp or vocal PA.

Reso-Rocket by NRP

The first song in the video is “Take me as I am”, I wrote this song for my Indie band “The Other Garden”, for the EP Step Out Step In, back in 1999. It was re-recorded in 2011 for the second StumbleCol album “Soul Mash”. Here reimagined for slide and the open tuning. The Harmoinca in all of this film is a Hohner Pro Harp in Bb.

Reso-Rocket with National SlimeLine Pickup

The second song of the three is a brand new song, it might need another verse, not quiet finished, it is called “Burning Hot” and is about the evil that humans do to each other and inequality in the world.

Reso-Rocket by NRP in California

Song three is “Voodoo Rhythm”, written for, and released on the first StumbleCol album Smutbots Room, back in in 2010. Originally played in the key of C.

StumbleCol FB live stream 21-4-20

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