StumbleCol Night Post 5

by Col on April 6, 2014

Hi guys,
Today a look at the next few videos filmed at StumbleCol Night 29th March 2014

Huge thanks you to all the players, Strolling Tone and Soulcatcher, you are stars and gents!

Big thanks to everywho came down to the Beacy that night, the pub was rammed and everyone was well up for it!

These videos are film using a small camera, so the sound is what it is and you can`t get it from the clips, but it was so hot in the bar that night, everyone was melting!

This is the fifth of 6 posts featuring these clips filmed at this night and these clips are in no particular order.

Strolling Tone-My Daddy Told Me – live at StumbleCol Night

StumbleCollective-Wishin` I Was Out Of It-live at StumbleCol Night

Soulcatcher-Lets- live at StumbleCol Night

Strolling Tone-Come Back Next Week – live at StumbleCol Night

Watch out for more posts with more clips take from that night, still to come!

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Many Thanks,

Stumble On,

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