StumbleCol Nothing Is Written In Stone on a modern National Duolian

by Colin Merry on August 26, 2019

Hi guys,
Today a video to share with you from a couple of months back, feathering my B Series, 14 Fret, NRP, it is the modern National version of the 1930`s Duolian with a National Slimline Pickup.

The song is a new version of one of mine, “Nothing Is Written In Stone” the idea is taken from a book, I once read and is about how we pigeon hole things and believe them to be permanent, when in reality life is in constant motion, the idea is, that this is what makes the human condition, one of suffering. We must learn to let go of these perceived absolutes, which are, in reality, like clinging to a rock in a stream, we must learn to let go and go with the flow, to truly be free.

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Many Thanks,
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