StumbleCol-Plank Lap Steel Guitar

by Col on December 14, 2011

I am now looking at my Home Made Instruments and they are not all Cigar Box Guitars, today my Plank Lap Steel Guitar.

I was inspired to make The Plank after seeing a video of Bemuzic playing her own home built Diddley Bo.

Here is our song Rydin` Home, written and recorded on my Plank

I like my Plank so much, that I put my name on it. The stars cover screws, that fix a steel plate onto the back, I added this for strength, but it turns out that it resonates and gives it a louder sound acousticly. The stars are also the fret marks.

The Pickup is my old Stoners tin, the Bridge is the tube from my old Hash pipe, both from when I was a kid.
The tin has, 2 Piezo Pickups, wired in line, with Volume and Tone. The Tone only works a little, there is this whole thing about Tone Pots and Piezos, we will not get into that here and now.

The Nut is a piece of Cherry branch from the garden, still with the bark on.

So, why do I like to build Instruments with Octaves, you may ask?

Well, before I started to make my own Instruments, I used to play an Acoustic 12 String Guitar, I just love that double String sound!

Here is a little demo video of my Plank

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