StumbleCol-Slide, Rattle & Roll

by Col on February 16, 2015

Hi guys,
Saturday night, I was testing a Cigar Box which was being collect on Sunday, and I came up with a new song!

I had Slide-Rattle & Roll Tattooed on the top of my left arm, maybe 5 years ago, but never, until now, did I get around to writing the song!


I use this term to describe my style of slide guitar playing, I have posted about it before, please check out this post:

Anyway, here is a quick video filmed Sunday lunch time, like 12 hrs after I first wrote the song!

Shot in front of my VW Caravelle and the graffiti wall on the side of Mill Rd Bridge, Romsey Town, Cambridge.

The observant will notice that I nicked the Harp bit from the out-tro from my track RIP.

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Many thanks,

Stumble On,

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