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by Colin Merry on September 9, 2019

Hey people,

Today a new video clip, for my song “Stumble On”, feathering my new NRP T14.

Some of these songs were written on a 6-string, but then re-imagined for 3 or 4 string Cigar Box Guitar and are now being returned to 6-string, for my new National guitar sets, on my small, but beautiful National guitar collection.

This has caused some problems with muscle memory, learning to play these songs this way. I have with 3 and 4 string CBG`s become lazy and have found that often I am only using my first two finger and not my third, when starting from up the neck and running down, so again I have spent most of this year learning and learning.

On the left B series NRP in black rust(Modern National Duolian), in the middle National Reso-Lectric Revolver and on the right a National T14, in the weathered Steel finish.

The song is Stumble On, I wrote this one for the Might StumbleCol album in 2013.

I liked it so much, that I had it tattooed on the back of my neck.

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Many Thanks,

Stumble On,


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