StumbleCol-The Black Widow Wine Box Guitar

by Col on June 30, 2012

Hi guys,

here is another one finished, a 6 String, Dog Bowl Resonator. Wine Box Guitar called The Black Widow!


Dog Bowl Resonator, Single Coil Magnetic Pick-Up, Orange Drop Capacitor, Factory Neck, Black Enclosed Tuners, Gromits from Gitty and  Chicken Head Knobs.


Here above, is a closer look at the box.


Here is a better look at the Dog Bowl.


Boot Print, Chiken Head Knobs and Pick-Up.


Here is a view of the box from the Neck end.


A view down the Neck


A look from the Tail End.


Not one, but two demo videos for this one, first a slide Demo in Open G Tuning


TomStumble-Slide Demo of the Black Widow Wine Box Guitar


In the second video the Guitar is in Standard Tuning.


TomStumble-Demo of the Black Widow Wine Box Guitar in Standard Tuning


Many Thanks for Looking,

Stumble On,



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