StumbleCol-The Doggy Dog, Dog Bowl Resonator, Cigar Box Guitar

by Col on May 10, 2013

Hi guys,

Doggy Dog Photos 002

Here is a look at my latest build The Doggy Dog, Dog Bowl Resonator, 4 String Cigar Box Guitar

Doggy Dog

This Cigar Box Guitar has 4-Strings, Enclosed Tuners, an upturned Dog Bowl as a Resonator, Biscuite style Bridge, made of Bone and White Oak, Double Piezo Pick-Up with Volume Control, Hand Made Tail Piece, Chrome Hard Ware, that`s Grommits, Box Corners, String Trees and Tuners.

Dog close

Here is a closer look at the Box.
In this photo a different view of the Bridge and Tail Piece.

Doggy Dog Photos 010

Here is my Boot Print and the fit of the Neck, the Neck is slotted and slides in, to hide the join between the Neck and Box.

Doggy Dog Photos 029

I drill down into the Head Stock, so that the Tuners are lower down and do not stand out, too high from the Head Stock.

Doggy Dog Photos 026

The final photo is an Arty up shot from the Tail End.

And lastly a demo video of showing the thing!

StumbleCol-Demo of The Doggy Dog, Dog Bowl Resonator, Cigar Box Guitar

Watch out for the next Discography post, coming soon, looking at the track from the New Album, “The Mighty StumbleCol” the next one featuring the song “The Hard Way”

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