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by Colin Merry on May 19, 2019

Sorry it has been a while, but I am back with a new guitar and new song.

Not a Cigar Box Guitar in sight!

Yes a brand new song, the first that I have written on my new modern National Resophonic, 1930`s style Duolian replica. I can report, that is the best guitar for tone and playablity, that I have ever had my hands on.

This song was inspired by the Blind William Johnson song “God Moves On The Water”, which is about the sinking of the Titanic and is one of my all-time favourite songs.

My song is nothing like the BWJ song, but that and the story of the SS Ohio and operation Pedestal, were my inspiration for writing this song.

I am sorry, but I need to give you a little history lesson to explain the story behind this song.

In WW2 the island of Malta was a British military base, from where plains would bomb the German shipping convoys, disrupting the Afrika Korp`s supply lines and hindering its progress in North Africa.

In 1942 the Germans and Italians had a blockade in place around Malta and supply ships could not get through, in desperation the commanders on Malta warned that they may have to surrender.

Malta was said at the time, to be the most bombed piece of land on Earth.

It was believed that if Rommel was not stopped and reached the Suez Canal, the Allies might lose the war, Malta was that important.

A relief convey was put together called operation Pedestal, it was a suicide mission, but it had to succeed.

There were many individual acts of bravery and stories of heroism, along the way and many men made the ultimate sacrifice, but still, five out of the 14 merchant ships made it through, including the US oil tanker SS Ohio and Malta was saved.

Malta is a Catholic island and has always especially revered Mary the Mother of Jesus, the Maltese people prayed to Mary for salvation and the Ohio arrived on the day of the Feast of Assumption, it became known as the Miracle of Santa Maria.

The island of Malta was awarded the George Cross, the highest British civilian medal.

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