StumbleCol with District 9 + Sorrow by Bowie

by Col on September 7, 2015

Hi guys,
A couple of new video clips to share with you today.

First is my version of the Bowie`s classic “Sorrow”, only learned over the last few days.
I have been wanting to do a Bowie cover for a while and I mentioned this to my friend Peter Stearn and he suggested this one.
This was the first time playing this at volume and not in my living room, I found it hard to pitch to at first, I am singing the first few line a bit flat, but it does get better. I`ll record this one again, once I`ve got it a bit more sorted, this is still well worth a look though.

The second clip is the latest version of my song District 9, a tribute to the Peter Jackson movie, an unsung classic of our time. The Backing track was created by Smutbot.

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Many thanks,
Stumble On,

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