StumbleCollective have now split up!

I have left this page active for people to see and read, but yes StumbleCollective have split, to find out more about what I am doing now and my Punk/Blues rebirth, please check out the History page!


Here below is the very latest StumbleCollective track, it`s a reworking of the StumbleCol classic “Cigar Box Guitar Blues”

StumbleCollective Cigar Box Guitar Blues

We have always said that StumbleCol was not just my tag, but also a concept, the concept of the StumbleColletive, we always did intended to add other players as and when, it happened.

StumbleCollective Graffitti Pose 008

Well we were asked to record a track to be released on the College Radio Day 2013 album, this we did with Smutbot as usual.


The First ever StumbleCollective track was “Love, Love, Love”, which is coming out on the College Radio Day 2013 album which was released on the 12th November !
StumbleCollective-Love, Love, Love-Simple from CRD

You can hear extracts from all of the tracks on the College Radio Day 2013 Album by following the link below.

Once most of the track was down, Smutbot suggested that we add some Beats and rest is history!


Some of you know Smutbot, he is the Hip Hop producer who has recorded all three of our albums, he has sung backing and played Bass on some of the tracks and has from time to time played Bass live on stage with us and has Mixed our live sound many times.


As a musical genres we are calling it “Beats N Blues” the perfect marriage of the Primitive with Technology.

StumbleCollective Graffitti Pose 012

We are still using Cigar Box Guitars and Suitcase Bass Drums, but now With the addition of Smutbot on Beats, Bass and Synth, we are now known as “StumbleCollective”

StumbleCollective – Walkin` Blues

It is our intention to work on a new set of recording for the StumbleColletive and a new album/EP is in the pipeline.

StumbleCollective-Wishing I was out of it!

We have so far recorded 5 songs in this new Beats N Blues format and are all very happy with it, you can hear 3 of those track, here on this page.

StumbleCollective – When I win the Lottery

We will of course still continue to play some acoustic Gigs, with just me and Tom As “StumbleCol”, where more appropriate, but the StumbleCollective is going to be our main drive from now on!

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Charlie Bradley January 26, 2014 at 1:06 am

I enjoy your site. I’m more mechanically rather than musically I end up building guitars from random parts (ie, a “Partscaster”, except I named the 6 string guitar I made for my daughter a “Charliecaster”). I finished building a 3 string electric/acoustic CBG and it sounds good. But I want to PLAY the thing instead of look at it. Checking out your site gave me some good info to start getting serious, so thanks. My retirement is just months away and I’m thinking that building home made instruments and maybe selling a few might be a cool second career.


Col January 26, 2014 at 10:01 pm

Nice one 😉


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