The CSI Blood Splatter Special Edition 4-String Cigar Box Guitar for Dogfinger

by Col on August 11, 2016

Hello again,
Here today a look at one of my CSI crime scene, blood splatter, Special Edition, through neck Cigar Box Guitars.

This one was built for Dogfinger Steve, a fellow Cigar Box Guitar builder from Driffield in Yorkshire and I fine builder indeed.

Dogfinger Cambridge

Dogfinger recently played at the 5th Cambridge Cigar Box Guitar Festival and on the run up Steve suggested that he and I, do a guitar swap, so we did it.


This 4-String Cigar Box Guitar, has a Red Grandis hardwood Neck, stained with Tudor Oat wood stain, it has 23 frets, mother of pearl top fret mark in-lays, a bone and hardwood bridge and a bone nut. Enclosed tuners, string trees, grommets and box corners, all in black and a double piezo pick-up with volume control.

Here below is a closer look at the Box, I have sanded this guitar down, knocked back the top layer of varnish roughly, so that with the wood stain, it was designed to give it an old/ancient/vintage look, to the build.


As this build is one of my CSI Special Editions, it has a painted box with a bloody boot print and blood splatters on the front and a red skull and cross bones speed knob for the volume control.

The back of the box has my bloody hand print, blood splatters and Dogfingers name on it.


We both chose to have a 4-String, I built Steve one of my special editions and Steve built me a very nice Box Guitar too.


Here above is a photo of Steve`s build for me, I will do a post about this guitar, when I`ve worked something out on it and then can add a video, to the post.


Here is a closer look at the slotted neck, that slides on, hiding the join and my bloody boot print.


The bridge is made from hardwood and bone, the volume control has a Skull and Cross Bones knob and a side view of the handmade, hand painted alloy tail piece.


The neck is stained with Tudor Oak wood stain, it has 23 frets and mother of pearl top fret mark in-lays.


The head stock has a bone nut, string trees and enclosed tuners in black.


The back of the head stock shows the enclosed tuners and my logo sticker.


Here is a look at the tail end, with handmade tail piece, jack in-put and strap button.


The last photo is a long look up from the tail end.

Finally here is the demo for my build for Steve, it features my song Twisted, which was on the 2nd StumbleCol album Sour Mash, released back in 2011.

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